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Cashless vending machines

These days fewer people carry and use cash while Generation Z is more comfortable using digital solutions to pay for services and products. Cashless payments are not the future, they’re the present.

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Hips offers a solution for static QR code payments. This means that you dont have to invest in card readers to accept electronic payments (Masterpass (MasterCard), V PAY (Visa), Apple Pay, G Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, PayPal etc.) in your vending machines. Hips QR code payments is as easy as a sticker on the machine together with our telemetry solution (MDB cashless) to be able to accept electronic payments in your vending machine.


Attach any of our supported unattended card readers to your vending machine together with our telemetry solution (MDB cashless) to accept contactless card payments.

EMV cotactless card readers can work in conjunction with QR code payments.

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A smarter way to manage your vending machine or other unattended automated machine to achieve more efficiency in your operations. Our management software for unattended machines will help you manage your business from afar, using our vending telemetry solution. This means that you don’t have to be onsite to make sure everything is running smoothly.


The unattended vending machine telemetry solution offers a very cost effective way to connect your machines to internet using a Raspberry Pi with Qibixx MDB hat. The Pi machines are shipped pre-configured for MDB cashless slave operation (see picture).

Do you already have Raspberry Pi's and Qibixx MDB hat's, no problem, just download our open source package via github and get your machine connected in no time.

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